Yoga Balance and Flexibility with Cindie Corbin

Beginner Yoga Balance and Flexibility

This 12-minute video introduces a beginner routine to improve your yoga balance and flexibility. All you need for this free yoga workout is your mat and a wall! These deep stretch exercises will help any beginner yogi increase their practice of a range of other yoga poses. They are also great for other sports. By increasing your yoga balance and flexibility, your body can use its full range of motion in other sports, such as swimming, running, and cycling.

About Cindie Corbin

Cindie Corbin is a yoga instructor based in Austin, TX. Her useful and easy-to-follow yoga videos can be found on the PsycheTruth YouTube channel, a page that offers educational videos about yoga, massage, fitness, psychology, and more. As a yoga instructor, Corbin is dedicated to inspiring her students to be content with who they are, and achieve a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. [caption id="attachment_19888" align="alignnone" width="444"]Cindie Corbin ([/caption]

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