How To Find The Perfect Yoga Mat For Tall People

Here is Lots of Yoga's comprehensive guide to finding the perfect yoga mat for tall people, with additional tips on finding extra large yoga mats and thicker mats for knee protection in weight-bearing poses.

How To Find A Yoga Mat For My Height

Standard yoga mats are usually around 68” (172cm) in length, 24” (60cm) in width, and are 1/8” (0.30cm) thick. If you are shorter than 172cm, you are in luck - most off-the-shelf yoga mats will be long enough for your practice. However, for those who are vertically blessed, here are a few tips to help you find a yoga mat that is long enough for your height:

Tip 1: Find a yoga mat with a length at least your height

How do you know if a mat is long enough for you? The simplest test is if you can lie down comfortably during Savasana (corpse pose) without your head or your toes sticking out off the mat, that mat is a great length for you. This is important because when you practise in a packed studio, your mat becomes a wonderful silent space-marker to let others know where to put their mat if near you. If you use a mat smaller than the space you actually need, your body parts may stick out during the practice, and it can be awkward for you and others around you, which can counteract the calming effects of yoga! Even if you are practising on your own, it’s a lot nicer not to have your head or feet resting on a cold, hard floor when you are cooling down. The same goes for restorative or yin yoga, in which you will be holding poses (e.g. pigeon pose) for longer periods of time, it will be nice to not have your feet sticking out during the long holds. Hence, it's best to find a mat that is at least as long as your body height.

Tip 2: Find a mat that is wide enough for you

If you’re a taller person, it’s likely that you may have broader shoulders as well. For quite a few yoga poses, such as Downward Facing Dog or a traditional Yogic Squat, it’s just infinitely nicer for your alignment and comfort to have a mat that allows you to spread and find your pose.

Tip 3: Four Yoga Poses To Help You Find The Right Mat

Get into these poses to find out what size mat is the best for you.

Downward Facing Dog: Are your hands and feet comfortably on the mat? If not, your mat is too small.

Prasarita Padottanasana: When you are in your wide-legged standing pose, and before you fold forward, check to make sure your feet are resting right under your wrists when you spread out your arms. If your feet stick out of the mat, your mat is too short. Here's the full pose:

(Image via @insideyogavught)

Chaturanga Dandasana: To keep your feet on the mat, does the top of your head hover outside of the mat? If so, your mat is a little short.

Savasana: Make sure your feet and your head can comfortably rest on the mat while you are lying down and stretching out. If your head or feet stick out, then the mat is definitely too small for you. It is normal, however, to have the back of your hand resting outside the mat.

Best Yoga Mats For Tall People (UK)

Yogabox Extra Long 200cm Yoga Mat (via Amazon UK), £17.90 + Shipping

If you are new to yoga, we recommend Yogabox's reasonably priced yoga mat that that is made from extremely thick and wear-resistant vinyl foam. It is also machine washable up to 60ºC (trust us, you'll love this later on - nothing smells better than a clean mat to get you going for morning practice!).
  • Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 0.45 cm | 6'56" x 2'6" x 0.17"
  • Weight: 2.4 kg

(Yogabox Extra Long 200cm Yoga Mat)

Ruth White Yoga Extra Long Classic Yoga Mat (Via Amazon UK) £38.50 + Shipping

Made in Europe with strict ethical trading standards, these non-slip sticky mats offer a good balance of cushioning and excellent grip whilst remaining easy to roll up. What we love about them is the fact that they are machine washable at 40°C - great if you appreciate the difference between a clean and a dirty mat. Their profit also goes to the charity Seeing Hands Nepal Charity.
  • Dimension: 220 x 60x 4.5cm | 7'2" x 2.6' x 0.17"
  • Weight: 2.45kg

(Ruth White Yoga Extra Long 220cm Classic Yoga Mat)

The Rolls Royces of Tall Yoga Mats: Manduka Black Mat Pro 215 cm (80") £75.00 - £91.00 + Shipping

US and international readers click here. Universally rated as one of the most durable and best yoga mats, the Maduka Pro is a classic. This mat is great for Hot Yoga and is a zero-waste, sustainable yoga mat with a lifetime guarantee. The Manduka Pro mat offers superior wear and longevity, stability on hard or soft surfaces, and has a density which comfortably cushions the spine, hips, knees, and elbows against hard floors. It is slip resistant, yet non-sticky, even when wet from light sweat. Being 100% latex free makes it completely safe to use for people with latex sensitivities. There are two versions of the mat:
  • 7.0 lbs; 71" long; 26" wide; 1/4" thick
  • 9.0 lbs; 85" long; 26" wide; 1/4" thick

(Yoga Mat For Tall People Manduka Black Mat Pro 215 cm)

Yoga Mats For Tall People - USA and International Shipping Available

YogaAccessories (TM) Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat, $19.99 + Shipping

We love this budget-friendly and eco-friendly supersize mat - it is phthalate free, extremely durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty Dimensions: 84'' x 24'' x 1/4''

(Yoga Accessories 80 inches extra long yoga mat)

Non-slip extra large and extra long memory foam mat, $35.00 + Shipping

(Non-slip extra large and extra long memory foam mat)

A really great value for money mat given that it is extra long and extra cushioned. People love how easy it is for carrying around yet at the same time offers so much space and protection. Dimensions: 76" x 24" x 8mm (thick)

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat, from $99.00 + Shipping

Jade is one of the most popular yoga mat manufactures known for its quality and ethical sourcing of ingredients. Their mats are hardy and can be used heavily while still retaining some serious grip. They also plant a tree for every mat they sell. Although Jade mats are 99% latex free, as they are from rubber trees, there may be trace amounts of latex proteins in the mats so we recommend persons with latex allergies avoid contact with this mat. Also, because this mat is made from natural ingredients, it's best to avoid direct sunlight and it has been known to come apart after long-term usage. This is a great mat but if you want something that lasts (almost forever), we suggest you go for the Manduka Pro (see above) as an alternative! Dimensions: 80" x 28" x 3/16"

(Jade Harmony Professional Extra Large Yoga Mat, 68- and 74-inch lengths)

So, have decided which tall yoga mat you think is best for you? Happy practising! Do you have a yoga mat for tall people that you'd like to tell us about? We would love to hear your experiences! Be sure to get in touch.

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