The 18 Best Yoga Mats for Every Need

Yoga mats are without a doubt an essential part of your practice, so choosing the right one is important. But one size doesn't fit all - we all have different requirements for our yoga mats, whether it's our height or budget. Because of that, we put together a list of the best yoga mats for the most common concerns and requirements! Yoga for the creative, crazy ones:

1) Best Yoga Mats for Sensitive Knees

If you have sensitive or sore knees, a thick yoga mat will make your yoga sessions much more enjoyable and decrease the risk of injury. An average yoga mat is about 6mm, so investing into one that is 10-15mm is advisable.

Klarfit Yoga Mat - 15mm £29.90

[caption id="attachment_22625" align="alignleft" width="800"]Klarfit Thick Yoga Mat Klarfit Thick Yoga Mat[/caption] This yoga mat from Klarfit is great for sore knees because of its 15mm thickness....

Andrew James Thick Cushioned Yoga Mat - 10mm £12.99

[caption id="attachment_22284" align="alignnone" width="579"]Andrew James Thick Cushioned Yoga Mat - 10mm Andrew James Thick Cushioned Yoga Mat - 10mm[/caption] Andrew James's mat is 10mm thick, and the material is extra soft.

PhysioRoom NBR Thick Yoga Mat - 10mm £14.99

[caption id="attachment_22285" align="alignnone" width="453"]PhysioRoom NBR Thick Yoga Mat - 10mm PhysioRoom NBR Thick Yoga Mat - 10mm[/caption] At under £15, this mat is a bargain and still 4mm thicker than the average yoga mat.

2) Best Yoga Mats for Tall People

While being tall brings various advantages in life, finding an ideal mat might prove to be difficult. However there's plenty of extra longs yoga mats out there, here are our recommendations.

3) Best Yoga Mats for Travellers

If you're into travelling or have to take your mat to a lot of different locations, light and foldable yoga mat will save you a lot of time and effort.

Yoga Matters ultra light travel yoga mat blue - 400g £15.00

[caption id="attachment_22645" align="alignnone" width="600"]Yoga Matters extra long classic yoga mat - 200cm Yoga Matters extra long classic yoga mat - 200cm[/caption] This is one of the lightest yoga mats on the market, at just 400g you will not even notice it's in your bag. 

Foldable Anti-Sliding Super Thin Travel Yoga Mat In Rubber Foam £33.00

Easy to fold travel yoga mat in rubber       A brilliant light weight that is made from natural rubber, perfectly anti-slipping, durable and foldable. Also perfect to put on top of public mats in studios. Not to mention the beautiful colour and texture.

Yoga Direct Travel Yoga Mat - 680g £21.86

[caption id="attachment_22646" align="alignnone" width="1365"]Yoga Direct Travel Yoga Mat Yoga Direct Travel Yoga Mat[/caption] Containing embedded fabric mesh, this mat will never tear even though it is such a lightweight.

4) Best Yoga Mats for Sweaty Betties

There is no shame in sweating during a yoga session, it just means you've worked hard. But to make sure it doesn't affect your performance, opting for a sticky, non-slip yoga map will be helpful.

Non Slip/Non Toxic Yoga Mats £14.59

[caption id="attachment_22658" align="alignnone" width="384"]Non Slip/Non Toxic Yoga Mats Non Slip/Non Toxic Yoga Mats[/caption] At just under £10, you will not be able to find a cheaper non-slip yoga mat.

 Asana Sticky Yoga Mats £16.50

[caption id="attachment_22298" align="alignnone" width="580"] Asana Sticky Yoga Mats Asana Sticky Yoga Mats[/caption] With a slightly textured surface, the Asana Sticky mat doesn't slip on either side. Non Slip PVC Yoga Mat With Bag £9.99

[caption id="attachment_22300" align="alignnone" width="420"]Non Slip PVC Yoga Mat With Bag Non Slip PVC Yoga Mat With Bag[/caption] £10 for the mat and the bag, and it will still not slip away.

5) Best Yoga Mats for Nature Lovers

Taking your yoga practice outside can be incredibly rewarding, but a lot of yoga mats aren't suitable for outside conditions. Make sure you pick a durable one, so you can use it for years and years to come!

Organic Jute Yoga Mat £30.99

Organic Jute yoga Mat Natural Made from Jute (vegetable fibre) and PVC, this organic yoga mat is naturally resistant to bacteria, anti-statics, breathable and durable.

Natural Rubber Mad Tree Yoga Mat £38.85

[caption id="attachment_22648" align="alignnone" width="1181"]Natural Rubber Mad Tree Yoga Mat Natural Rubber Mad Tree Yoga Mat[/caption] The Mad Tree Yoga Mat consists of a 100% natural rubber.

Outdoor Moisture-Proof Slip-resistant Yoga Mat £7.00

  Outdoor Moisture-proof Yoga MatThis outdoor yoga mat is extra durable, and has a specially moisture-resistant surface, making it suitable for anyone to stop drop and yoga - literally anywhere!

6) Yoga Mats For Beginners - On A Budget

If you do not yet know whether yoga is for you, and want to start lean and try out the practice, we have the mats for you.

Yoga Exercise Fitness Workout Non Slip Mat With Carry Case 6mm Thick (£4.99)

[caption id="attachment_22747" align="alignleft" width="1000"]Yoga Exercise Fitness Workout Non Slip Mat With Carry Case 6mm Thick TNP Accessories Non Slip Mat With Carry Bag (£4.99)[/caption]  

Light with great selection of colours, we love this simple yoga mat that is great in both length and non-slip material (as good as it can be for this price range).

Beginner's Tunturi Yoga Set Mat With Block And Strap (£23.50)

[caption id="attachment_22749" align="alignleft" width="1001"]Beginners Tunturi Yoga Set Mat Block Strap Beginner's Tunturi Yoga Set Mat Block Strap[/caption] <a rel="nofollow" href="">Tunturi Yoga Set Mat/Block/Strap - Blue</a><img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

7) Best Yoga Mats for Babies and Toddies

  • Baby yoga mat from om yoga show
  • insta pic of hilaria baldwin carmen on baby mat
  • Cathy notes - may worth a separate article for this as it's getting really long?

Best Yoga Mats for Daily Yogis

Manduka Black Pro Yoga Mat (other colours available) £65.00

One of the few mats that actually guarantees for life! It's heavy, sturdy, anti-slip and strong. We have been trying and testing this mat with (almost) daily practice - definitely it is worth the price if you have been wearing yoga mats out. [caption id="attachment_22737" align="alignleft" width="927"]Manduka Black Pro Yoga Mat Manduka Black Pro Yoga Mat[/caption]

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