Find Your Yoga Challenge: 8 Best Free Courses Online

Nothing quite like a good old yoga challenge to get us back onto the mat and build a great practice habit. We scouted the best yoga websites and found these eight awesome free yoga courses for you.

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz -

With this Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz, you will be getting 10-20 minute long video classes straight to your mailbox daily for 30 days. Everything from basic yoga posture to headstand is included, and it is great for beginners! Erin Motz, as featured by us before, is a certified teacher, who advocates that yoga is for real people who define their own practice, and understand that yoga is for feeling good, not just for looking good.

2. 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene

Videos for Adriene's challenge are about 35 minutes each, and if you sign up for the free newsletter you'll get a PDF calendar and a couple of encouraging messages to motivate you along the way. Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher and actress from the US. She not only runs her youtube channel and but also "Find What Feels Good", an online library of Yoga and Yoga Lifestyle tools.

3. 31 Day Strength Project with Candace

Building up strength has many great health benefits, and it is also the foundation for countless yoga poses. If you want to take your yoga practice to the next level, this yoga challenge is a great way to start! While Candice's yoga challenge doesn't include a video playlist, there is a detailed schedule for every day for you to follow. She is a former Spanish teacher, who has been practising yoga for 16 years. After a long battle with the Lyme disease, she has now become a full-time yoga instructor and health blogger.

4. Men's 30 Day Yoga Challenge

We think that yoga is for truly everyone, so of course we are happy to feature this men's yoga challenge that promises to help you get stronger, more flexible and focused in just 30 days. Raghunath is a yoga instructor with a rather unusual background. He started out as a hardcore and punk songwriter, touring America in his teens. After turning his back to the unhealthy lifestyle that come with being a touring musician, he followed his interest in spirituality, health and yoga, including 6 years as a celibate monk.

5. Yoga Fix 90 With Lesley Fightmaster

If you're feeling extra ambitious, try the 90 days Yoga Challenge by Lesley Fightmaster. Covering everything from a High-intensity interval training (HIIT) yoga workout to vinyasa flow lessons, 3 months are enough to tap into a number of different yoga styles. Leslie Fightmaster has been practising yoga for 15 years now, and became a certified instructor back in 2006. Her yoga lessons try to incorporate humour and spiritual principles at the same time.

6. YOGABODY's 20 Day Yoga Challenge

Yoga body's yoga challenge focuses on learning different poses, so each video is around only 4 minutes. It is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a lot of time, but prefers to learn a variety of new poses. Teachers change from video to video, so you also get a variety off teaching styles - something for everyone!

7. The Official 2014 Challenge on BadYogi

BadYogi's challenge is an all-rounder: it includes yoga classes for posture or abs as well as meditation practice. BadYogi is founded by Erin Motz, and as they put it: "Bad Yogis are real people, not impossibly fit, flexible, and flashy representations of yogi stereotypes".

8. 10 Day Bryce Yoga Challenge

This 10 Day challenge will only take about 30 seconds a day, making it the perfect addition to another challenge or just your usual daily yoga practice. Every day, the challenge brings a new pose, such as a down dog modification and different plank variations. Led by the beautiful and inspirational yoga couple, Briohny and Dice, who met in a yoga class, their focus is mainly on Vinyasa flow, which is a yoga style that focuses on breathing and rhythm. That's all for now - thanks for stopping by! If you have yoga challenges that you'd like to add to the list, feel free to give us a holler via Twitter or get in touch directly!  🙏❤️👊

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