17 Inspirational Instagram Yogis That Defy Mainstream Yoga Body Stereotypes

1. "Yoga has given me the ability to see my body for what it can do instead of the way it looks; it lets me appreciate it instead of criticize it."


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2. "[I] hated the fact that [my kids] would think any less of themselves or who they were because their own mom, who they ADORE did the same thing... I needed healing."


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3. "My yoga body is my shield, protecting me from all the chaos in the outside world. It has been my protector from hurt of all kinds."



4. "My body carried a beautiful child, it loves to depths that no one can understand... it is strong, yet soft and comforting."


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5. "The scale has shown smaller numbers and larger numbers in my past but I like to focus on the way I feel today... It's important to love ourselves each day... No matter what."


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6. "I am not perfect, but I will better for me and no one else."


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7. "There is no "ideal" yogi physique; we all look different."


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8. "Most of my life I felt bad about my extra "meat." Now, today, I OWN my curves!"


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9. "Only when I gave birth to my first child did I start to care about my body... Yoga helps my mind and body in ways I hadn't anticipated when I started."


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10. "This yoga body has three screws in the right shoulder [and] multiple sprains of both ankles, lower back, and neck discomfort from running and training in the U.S. Navy."


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11. "When my friend invited me to share #MyYogaBody, I was hesitant to join but then I realized I can't help change the world if I can't accept myself as I am."


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12. "This [#myyogabody picture] really illustrates my life! Baby toys scattered all over the place, my kindle in the corner, and little ol' me in the middle."


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13. "Self love is an act of courage and it transforms us into lighter beings beyond our skin and bones."

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14. "My metabolism is so slow these days. I have scars on my body from the Army. My head is near bald... But I'm still the Bare Yogi. I'm proud as a peacock!!"


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15. "I had my fourth laparoscopy for my endometriosis and right before the surgery, due to a very stressful few years my panic attacks came back and I also ended up with Gastritis. I also had two surgeries on my knee... but I keep pushing forward."



16. "My yoga body and I know that we cannot live without each other... because at the heart of it all, I'm in love with her and she with me."


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17. "My yoga practice is my yoga practice it may not always be cute & graceful all the time but it is always true & strong."


18. "Even though I don't look like most yogis or obstacle course racers, my body kicks ass!"


19. "After hating myself for so long, I decided to love myself. I have no fear... I don't have to answer to anyone but my own self."

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20. "[This is] what it looks like to be a stage 3 ovarian cancer survivor. #grateful."

audrey d long


Read 's incredible story here.

21. "My body has been to hell and back since the day I was born... This body is strong, can practice yoga, can do fun arm balances, backbends, and my beloved handstands. That puts it all into perspective. Thank you body, I love you!"

Via stomiyogi
How to have a yoga body: Take your body, and do yoga with it. There. You have a yoga body! And what a beautiful body it is!
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