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Yoga for Side Body with Erin Motz

A 15-min video of yoga for side body with Erin Motz. Opens up space between the ribs and under the arms. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Yoga for Side Body

In this 15-minute routine, yoga instructor Erin Motz guides us through a sequence of yoga for the side body. The flow is designed to open up the space between the ribs and under the arms. There will be longer holds for some lunges and warrior variations, so the postures can deepen and our bodies can take the time to breathe through them.

If you like this video, check out another one of Erin's classes on our site: Yoga for Better Posture.

About Erin Motz

A self-proclaimed 'Bad Yogi' ("carnivorous, red wine and French cheese-loving"), Erin is a warm and cheerful Vinyasa yoga instructor based in Tampa, Florida. Her classes serve a wide range of yogis, and they are always fun and accessible. Part of her 'Bad Yogi' creed advocates that yoga is for real people who define their own practice, and understand that yoga is for feeling good, not just looking good. Erin's passion for teaching comes through in all the videos she does - so don't hesitate to check out her YouTube channel.

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