26 Instagram pictures that made us fall in love with Kino MacGregor

If you haven't heard of Kino MacGregor, you are about to. We first heard about her from her incredible collection of YouTube videos, where she shares her best advice on how to build strength and flexibility. We are particularly fond of how she breaks down postures one step at a time. We also keep up with Kino's Instagram which is chock-full of her crazy yogic shenanigans.

She has a mixed reputation among the yoga community and we love that she is aware of this and is not intimated by her divisive image. There are people who criticise how little she wears (um, are we in 2015?) or how much she self-publicises. The truth is that Kino MacGregor's love and dedication to yoga and Ashtanga is indisputable and infectious. At Lots of Yoga, we feel that if more people discover the practice because of her, then that's a good thing. And why should someone be punished for being a savvy business person AND a yogi? After all, yoga is a personal journey. We are happy that there is yet another great person out there sharing the love.

Here, we celebrate 26 reasons why we love the nutty little smiley yogi, that is Kino MacGregor.

1. She loves life.

2. She always looks happy and content.

3. She will #stopdropandyoga anywhere...

4. And we mean, anywhere.

5. She pushes herself to the limit...

6. And doesn't care that she gets criticized for it.

7. She's not too big for her boots and loves learning from her teachers.

8. She doesn't mind getting messy...

9. Or looking less than glamorous.

10. She's a girl's girl...

11. Who, apart from yoga, just does regular girly stuff.

12. She loves her BFFs...

13. Even when they photobomb her.

14. She loves her husband, Tim Feldmann...

15. A lot!

16. And it seems like the feeling is mutual.

17. #CoupleGoals.

18. Kino and Tim love messing about and don't take themselves too seriously.

19. You'll be hard-pressed to find a picture of Kino not smiling...

20. No matter how challenging the pose is.

21. Her smile is incredibly contagious!

22. But even when she's not smiling, her face projects a happy and calm vibe.

23. She may be small but she is very strong.

24. She's a nature bunny.

25. Even though she shows off her flexible body, she's always promoting flexibility of the mind.

26. Kino loves to teach and her students have nothing but praise for their humble, down-to-earth, smiling, yoga teacher.

What are your views about Kino? Are you a fan, critic, or are you still on the fence? To learn more about Kino MacGregor, check out her website or YouTube channel. Curious about the practice? 10 things you need to know before your first Ashtanga practice.

All pictures used for this post (including the featured image) have been taken from Kino MacGregor's personal Instagram account.

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