7 Busty Yoga Girl Problems and What to Do About Them

We are of the opinion that you should love the body you have but if you happen to have big boobies, you make sure you love it even more! But busty yoga girls have some problems. Our friend, Litsa Panou, the owner of one such pair of wonderful breasts, says that sometimes it's hard to love her fuller bosoms. "They kind of get in the way of everything, especially some yoga poses."

Yoga for Big Boobs

We couldn't have Litsa feeling like that about her ample assets so Litsa and Kat, our editor, got to work on how to better a few of the most common yoga poses which might pose a problem for yogis with larger breasts.

Busty Yoga Girls Problem 1: Childs Pose (Balasana)

"I couldn't do this pose properly because I was just kind of hunched over my boobs, squashing them and rounding my back," says Litsa.

Solution: Open the knees wide

"This felt much better," says Litsa. "I could really feel my back being stretched and the feeling of gravity pulling my spine down and being able to get the full effect of the pose."

Busty Yoga Girls Problem 2: Shoulder Stand (Salamba Sarvangasana)

"I definitely can't get as high or as straight as I'd like to in this pose because my boobs just get in my face and make the whole process uncomfortable."

Solution: Place the feet on a high surface

"I got much straighter, was slightly tilted so gravity wasn't completely against me, and activating my core made this very much an active pose. I really enjoyed this inversion."

Busty Girls Yoga Problem 3: Cobra Pose (Bujanghasana)

"Sometimes as an alternative to Upward Dog I would like to get into a Baby Cobra Pose without it being uncomfortable. When yoga teachers tell you to get the chest on the floor, I can't exactly do that, as you can see, I only end up squashing my boobs to the floor."

Solution: Use a bolster under the chest

"The bolster, or rolled-up blanket, helped me get a better backbend without putting too much pressure on my upper arms and/or flattening my chest to the floor."

Busty Girls Yoga Problem 4: Warrior III (Virabadrasana III)

"My main problem in Warrior 3 is that I can't bend too much forward because I'm top heavy and afraid I'll topple over. This makes it hard for me to raise my back leg high up off and parallel to the floor."

Solution: Lean on a chair

"Grabbing a chair made it much easier for me to be daring and lean forward and also raise the back leg higher up off the floor. This way, I've started to gain strength and get used to the pose and I've started to lean off the chair too. In this instance with the prop, I'm using it to lose it."

Busty Girls Yoga Problem 5: Seated Forward Bend (Paschimattanasana)

"I keep hearing that in Paschimatanasana, you have to try to get the thighs to the belly but in my case, the boobs keep getting in the way and I can't go as far as I'd like to go with ease."

Solution: Put a bolster between the thighs and the belly

"Putting a bolster between my belly and thighs gets the connection between the two, I feel a nice stretch in the hamstrings and feel that I can push through the lower back keeping it straight rather than rounding the back (as we all know, that's a big no-no)."

Busty Girls Yoga Problem 6: Plough Pose (Halasana)


Solution: Place the feet on a stool behind the head

"This feels much better than the version without the stool and is a lovely transition for my modified shoulder stand."

Busty Girls Yoga Problem 7: Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

"Being top heavy makes it hard to get high up off the floor and into a backbend. Also, being on my front isn't my favourite place to be."

Solution: Place a bolster under the chest

"Putting a bolster under the chest makes it so much easier to backbend and gives me that extra little push in the right direction. Strategically placing the bolster under the breasts doesn't make them feel squashed either. I really like doing Bow Pose now!"

Not having the typical yoga body shouldn't stop anyone from doing yoga. Where there's a will, there's a way!

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Are you a busty yoga girl? Do you have trouble with certain poses and/or are certain variations working for you? We'd love to hear from you.

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