How to make your own Yoga Bolster in 3 Minutes

Yoga bolster pillows are wonderful yoga props for Yin Yoga and stretching. Unfortunately, they are expensive, costing upwards of £60, which makes it a luxury item for most yogis. And it shouldn't be! At Lots of Yoga, we decided that no obstacles should stop us from the wonder of yoga bolsters!  We discover a magic solution: 3 minutes, 4 household items, no sewing, and everyone can make a beautiful and FREE bolster. You ready?

 How to make your own yoga bolster in three minutes (with no sewing!)

How to Make a Bolster Pillow in 4 Easy Steps

You'll need the following 4 items:

  1. 4-6 safety pins
  2. An old blanket
  3. A pillowcase
  4. A hairband or an elastic band

Step 1 - Fold and roll up your old blanket like you would a yoga mat

20 Seconds: 

Step 2 - Put the pillowcase on the rolled up blanket just as you would on a pillow.

45 seconds - we like to turn the pillowcase inside out first so you can easily unroll the pillowcase onto the blanket:

Remember to tug the end loose end of the pillow in and fold it on top of the rolling bolster shape, like how you wrap a present.

Step 3 - Safety pin the pillowcase in place down the sides to snugly fit the blanket.

One minute: 

Secure Yoga Bolster With Safety Pins

Step 4 - Tie the end of the pillowcase with a hairband or an elastic band.

10 seconds:

Et voila! There you have it! Your very own yoga bolster. Now lay back and enjoy.

Bolster Pillows

DIY Yoga Bolster

Depending on what kind of fancy pillowcases you have, it's super easy to find a pattern that will suit your furniture so you can leave yours lying around and be ready to do yoga at any time!

How to use a Yoga Bolster

Time to reap the benefits of our hard earned yoga bolster:

1. To open your upper back and armpits

(Image via

2. For a gentle backbend

(Image via @sweetskinshemp)

3. For a gentle inversion

Great for people who stand a lot at work, such as teachers, chefs and medical professionals. 

(Image via @mettariver)

4. Assisted Cobra Pose

Great to build up upper body and back strength! 

(Image via @bloomingflowersyoga)

5. Assisted Superman Pose: Viparita Shalabhasana

(Image via @supportiveyoga)

6. A very chilled out version of the classic forward bend (Uttanasana)

(Image via @easyogahk)

7. Threading these all together, gracefully

(Image via @jasonoyoga)

Feeling Lazy?

You can always just cheat and buy a bolster. Check out these amazing options below:

1. Milliard Pranayama Bolster (£19.99)

Let's start with a cheap and cheerful option - you can't fault this bolster made with 100% cotton cloth AND removable washable cover. It also comes with two carry handles and full-length zipper. Size: 63x15x7cm

2. CalmingBreath Yoga Bolster (£29.95)

We love this mid-range 100% Organic, buckwheat Filled Yoga Bolster with a lifetime guarantee. Size: Approx 63cm long by 22cm diameter

3. Manduka Round Aircore Bolster (£60)

The Rolls-Royce of yoga props! We love this soft, plush and absorbent bolster from Manduka with fancy 'eQua micro-fiber fabric cover' and hidden zipper so you don't get a zipper-pressed face from your yin yogic sleep. The cover is removable for easy cleaning.

Whether it's brought or made, don't you just LOVE your bolster? ❤️ Do you have any more tips on how to make a yoga bolster at home? Share your special handmade bolster ideas with us! Tag us @lots_of_yoga on Instagram or @lotsofyoga on Pinterest. We'd love to hear from you!

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