Top 5 Amazing Yoga Venues for Hire in New York

When most people think of New York, they often think of the city. While New York City is a great hub for the yoga world in an urban area, there are several areas outside of the city that are ideal for hosting a yoga retreat. These rural retreats encourage a slower pace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you live in New York City or not, New York State has a lot to offer when it comes to the outdoors and more rural community. It may just be the ideal spot to host your next yoga retreat.  Here are some retreat centers to consider.

1. Menla Center for Health and Happiness

375 Pantherkill Road, Phoenicia, NY 12464

Menla is located in the Catskills mountain region of New York. The center itself is nestled in a valley and full of abundant wildlife perfect for hiking and more. The facilities include a conference center, a yoga studio, and a spa. There are several different accommodation packages, all of which include vegetarian meals from the onsite organic garden.

The retreat center is available for both small and large groups. There is a minimum of a 2 night stay required for all parties. Menla can accommodate up to 100 people at a time in their housing facilities for large groups.

Menla prides itself on being a natural paradise and having comfortable accommodations to match that environment.  There are deluxe rooms, private cottages, and standard rooms all within accessible distance to the conference center. Single occupancy rooms range from $207-296 per night while double occupancy rates range from $207-222. Suite rooms with multiple occupancy options range from $170-222 per night depending on how many people are booked together. The variety of housing options at Menla allows for this venue to be affordable for those on a budget and accommodating for those who desire more privacy.

2. Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center

1184 Route 11, Craryville, New York, 12521

Pumpkin Hollow has been hosting group retreats since 1937. This center is affiliated with The Theosophical Society, which is an international non-profit group that promotes understanding between all peoples in the world to create a more peaceful and spiritual world.  The property itself boasts 134 acres of forest and fields with a gorge, waterfall, and stream.  There are trails for hiking and a labyrinth for meditative walking.

The facilities of Pumpkin Hollow include a meditation center and a conference/yoga room. During the summer months, the barn is also open as a meeting hall. Additionally, they serve vegetarian meals in their dining hall and everyone shares in cleanup after meals to encourage a cooperative community.  Pumpkin Hollow is also a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free environment.

The center can also provide additional meditation classes, yoga instruction, guided walks, campfires, and Therapeutic Touch sessions. There will be a coordinator onsite to assist with any retreats. The center is also large enough to host 2 retreats at once if small groups are brought.  There is a 12 person minimum for group retreats.

Their fees start at $120 per person, per day. This includes 3 meals a day, shared lodging, and use of the facilities and lands. For individual rooms, the price will increase. The commuter price is $85 per person, per day should a guest wish to stay off-site. A deposit is required to reserve specific dates. They are calculated by the number of people attending and start at $70 per person to reserve the dates requested. Deposits for groups are non-refundable.

3. Heathen Hill Guest House and Retreat Center

810 Heathen Hill Road, Franklin, NY 13775


Heathen Hill is a special place known for being "off the beaten track" of the Western Catskills Mountains. Located a mile off a dirt road, there are 10 beautiful acres of wildlife to enjoy on the property. Yoga retreats remain the main focus of the center. They can accommodate 12 guests overnight, or 18 during the summer with "glam camping" options.

There is a renovated yoga studio on site which can accommodate 18 people. Plenty of props are provided, including Iyengar style chairs. There are numerous windows in the space which provide light, fresh air when needed, and a peaceful view of the outdoor surroundings- fields, flowers, and a pond you can swim in! There is even a floating dock in the swimming hole pond to dive off of.

Additionally, there is a hot tub, which quite a popular attraction. There is also a lovely meditation deck by the Koi pond, and a labyrinth for walking. The organic garden on site is also where much of the delicious food served up comes from. As part of the retreat, you have the option to cook your own community dinner with your guests or have them home cooked by the owners for you.

There are several options when it comes to accommodations at Heathen Hill. There are double rooms in the Yoga House, and singles/doubles and 2 rooms with private bathrooms in the Big Heathen House. Teachers stay in the Plum House, which is the big purple barn building. The rates at Heathen Hill run from $325-450 per person depending upon the accommodations. A deposit of $1500 must be made to secure the dates chosen, and there is a 10 person minimum in order to host your retreat.

4. The Garden

Newburgh, NY

Located in Upstate New York, The Garden is a serene getaway that emphasizes balance and harmony through yoga, nutritious meals, and peaceful accommodations. It is around a 1.5 hour drive or train ride from New York City. The setting is an intimate environment based on the quality of sattva, a purity that can only be experienced through the inside out. It is this type of experience the center encourages so that individuals may transform themselves for the better, living with more love and positive influence in their lives and community after a retreat.

The facility itself is an 18th Century Hudson Valley Garden Villa.  The space can accommodate 12 guests. There are 6 bedrooms for guests along with 3 extra for the hosting instructor and other faculty. There is an outdoor yoga and sitting porch, indoor yoga space, several bedrooms to choose from, a dining room, and kitchen. The food served is local, organic, and vegetarian. It is prepared by their in-house chefs to be catered to guests. There is an emphasis on the energy of the food and how good nutrition can nourish the body along with body-mind practices to create a whole experience.


Weekend retreats run from Friday at 4pm to Sunday at 3pm. Packages will include 6 meals, accommodations, and use of the space for classes. There are also many places to visit on excursions in the surrounding area of the Hudson Valley. The base rate starts at $475 per person and goes up to $625 depending upon accommodation. The staff can take care of all payments and pay the retreat instructor a range of $575-600. If the instructor wishes to take home more money, the prices will go up from these base rates. If the retreat facilitator wishes to handle all payments, a deposit of $2400 is required to hold the dates and the full cost will be $5825 regardless of how many students sign up.

5. Spillian

50 Todd Mountain Rd., Fleischmanns, NY 21430

Spillian prides itself on being a magical little slice of life in the Catskill Mountains of New York. The word "spillian" is actually derived from an old English term that means "to play or revel". This retreat facility hopes to encourage creativity and revelry in all things the human spirit can provide and nourish. The site itself is was originally owned as a mountain retreat estate by Charles Louis Fleischmann, of Fleischmanns Yeast Company. It has a history of being a gathering place for many artists, adventure seekers, and notable businessmen. Spillian uses the only 2 remaining buildings for their facilities, which have been generously and favorably restored to much of their original glory. These buildings add to the old world, charming flavor of the center. The Main House is an 8,000 square foot building with 10 bedrooms. There is also a Carriage House that is a smaller building and can serve as a great yoga studio. Additionally, the grounds are private and intimate. There are 32 acres of wooded areas, meadows, and an interesting collection of ruins from buildings of the past era on the property.

They have several themed guest rooms to choose from as their accommodations. The themes are based upon historic books, authors, art and time periods, such as The Secret Garden, Jules Verne, or the Lotus Room. There are 8 rooms. Six of the rooms have single queen size beds, with there is 1 double occupancy room and 1 room with a king size bed. Some of the rooms have shared bathrooms and others have private bathrooms. Therefore, this center best suits smaller, intimate retreat settings since it can only host 8-10 guests depending on occupancy. Additionally, there is an in-house chef who can cater to whatever your dietary needs are. The facilitators of the property can also help organize adventure outings, cooking classes, stargazing, massages, and more if interested in adding something a little different to your retreat to make it truly special. Spillian asks that you call or email them for their current rental rates. For group retreats, you must make a 50% deposit at the time of booking to hold your dates.


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