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Yoga for Weight Loss with Sadie Nardini

A 20-min video featuring Vinyasa yoga for weight loss, with a flow of poses designed to work multiple muscle groups. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Yoga for Weight Loss

In this 20-minute video, Sadie Nardini guides us through a sequence of Vinyasa yoga for weight loss. Many yogis find Vinyasa yoga effective for burning calories. The flow of poses often target more muscle groups than activities like running or biking, working the upper body, the back, and the abdomen simultaneously. However, it's worth reminding ourselves that the process of weight loss takes patience and cannot be achieved overnight. Yoga can help us relieve stress, be mindful (and eat mindfully), and increase body awareness. In these various ways, dedicated practice can help us lose weight, step by step.

About Sadie Nardini

It's no exaggeration when we say NYC-based yoga instructor Sadie Nardini is a bit of a miracle. As a teen, Sadie suffered from a central nervous system illness that nearly paralysed her for over 2 years. Doctors told her that recovery would be unlikely - but she kept fighting back. Which meant that instead of sticking to her wheelchair, she started doing yoga and eating a whole foods diet. Yoga gave Sadie a new life, and in turn she has dedicated herself to empowering other people in living a fuller life. Check out more of her YouTube videos, and definitely swing by her website to read her story!

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