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Yoga for Relaxation with Erica Vetra

A 30-min video on yoga for relaxation, sleep, and stress relief. Good for beginners or anyone having trouble sleeping. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Yoga for Relaxation and Sleep

This is a 30-min video featuring yoga for relaxation, sleep, and stress relief. The gentle stretches will relieve pain and tension throughout the whole body. Remember also to be mindful of your breaths - a large part of relaxing actually comes from simply breathing! This video is suitable for beginners and any yogis who are experiencing body pain or having trouble sleeping.

About Erica Vetra

Erica Vetra is a yoga instructor and trainer based in Austin, TX. Originally from Ithaca, NY, she grew up spending time playing the piano and doing ballet and gymnastics. At 15 she started yoga as a way to keep fit, and saw it as an extension of the elegance of the arts she has always been involved in. Over the years, yoga became a chance to explore the self. Apart from holding her own yoga and fitness classes, she also films online yoga videos for PsycheTruth, a YouTube channel that offers educational videos about yoga, massage, fitness, psychology, and more.


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