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Yoga for Happiness and Relaxation with Ashley Sky Litecky

A 30-min video introducing yoga for happiness and relaxation. Tap into that place of ease - happiness is already here. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Yoga for Happiness and Relaxation

In this 30-minute video, Ashley Sky Litecky introduces us to yoga for happiness and relaxation. Shot in the beautiful Sedona, Arizona, the routine starts with a few solid minutes of calm breathing. Ashley reminds us that happiness is already in us - all we need to do is find that centre space in our hearts and tap into that place of ease. As we start to feel grounded, we are encouraged to hold the feeling throughout every yoga pose. The subsequent sequence of stretches is paced slowly and fluidly, and is manageable for yogis across a range of levels.

About Ashley Sky Litecky

Ashley is a clinical herbalist and yoga instructor based in Silver Spring, Maryland. She holds an MS in Clinical Herbalism from the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and her passion for plant medicine and yoga shows through every one of her classes, which often bring together knowledge of nature and philosophies of the body. Apart from founding Sky House Yoga, Ashley also created the Body Love Yoga Project to encourage teens to learn yoga and meditation. Through the initiative, she hopes that young women in particular can learn to accept their bodies and thrive in them.

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