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Power Yoga for Core and Hamstrings with Candace Moore

A 30-min class on power yoga for core and hamstrings, suitable for a wide range of yogis with different experiences. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Power Yoga for Core and Hamstrings

This 30-minute power yoga class aims to strengthen your core and stretch your hamstrings. Although some poses will be difficult for total beginners, the class is well-paced and clearly instructed, and suits a wide range of yogis with different experiences. It is definitely worth the 30 minutes, but remember to always move within a pain-free range! Power yoga is a fitness-based approach to Vinyasa style yoga. It is a general term that has been used in the West since the mid 1990s. Though modelled on the Ashtanga method, power yoga does not follow a set sequence, so classes can vary a lot from teacher to teacher.

About Candace Moore

Candace is a full-time international yoga instructor and healthy living blogger. Her website is a wealth of good-ness, offering refreshing yoga videos and mouthwatering recipes. Outside of the blogosphere, Candace is an inspiring woman who has won a long battle against Lyme disease, and is now devoting her time to teaching yoga and its holistic benefits. Candace believes that yoga is a great tool for self-inquiry, and encourages her students to be an observer of their own bodies and minds. But that doesn't mean her classes aren't fun and playful! Check out more of her online classes on her YouTube channel.

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