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Evening Yoga for Relaxation with David Procyshyn

A 45-min Vinyasa flow class with David Procyshyn on yoga for relaxation. Sink into the deep stretches and relax. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Evening Yoga for Relaxation

In this 45-minute video, David Procyshyn guides us through yoga for relaxation. The Hatha/Vinyasa yoga class starts with 6 minutes of a Vinyasa flow, before moving on to a sequence of floor poses. Allow your body to sink into the twists, bends, and deep stretches. David's class helps us become aware of our body - where we are holding tension, where we feel relaxed and spacious... A beautiful 45 minutes for deep relaxation in the evening.

About David Procyshyn

David is a yoga instructor based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He started yoga in his early 20s after successive injuries as an athlete. Since then, he has been able to dig deep into his spiritual practice, and has explored many different yoga styles and breathing techniques. Having been personally transformed by yoga, David founded the popular online platform, DoYogaWithMe, hoping that the comprehensive yoga guides can help a larger audience.

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