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Beginner Yoga Flexibility with Sean Vigue

A 15-minute beginner yoga flexibility routine. Great for beginners, the stretches also train balance and core strength. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Beginner Yoga Flexibility

In this 15-minute video, Sean Vigue guides us through a beginner yoga flexibility routine. The different lunges, pyramid stretches, and postures help build flexibility if you are just starting to practise yoga. They are also great for training balance and core strength. If anything, try out this routine to enjoy Sean's lively, energetic narration! (And enjoy the guest appearance of his adorable dog...)

About Sean Vigue

Sean Vigue is a yoga, pilates, and fitness instructor based in Florida. He has taught over 5,000 classes, and his hugely popular YouTube channel uploads a new workout every week. Sean has also been an instructor for Walt Disney World, as well as the Florida Hospital, Orange and Osceola county public schools, and many more organisations. Apart from being an amazing fitness teacher, Sean is also a professional singer and actor who has appeared in over 70 operas, musicals, and non-musical theatre productions.

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