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Beginner Power Yoga with Liel Cheri

A 20-minute beginner power yoga class. Great for building strength, energy, and positivity! Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Beginner Power Yoga

This video is a 20-minute class for beginner power yoga. Not only is it filmed on a beautiful, relaxing beach, there is also accessible narration helping you get the hang of your routine. Power yoga is great for building strength, gaining energy and positivity, and increasing cardiovascular efficiency. Like many other yoga styles, it can also calm the mind and improve your concentration!

About Liel Cheri

Liel Cheri Shahmonov is a relatively new yoga instructor (2013), but has already created the popular website and YouTube channel, Yoga for Good Life. Natively Russian, she was raised in Israel, and landed in California and later Hawaii during her travels in her 20s. Liel discovered yoga in 2010 when she felt back pain, low energy, and headaches from her office job. Having grown up as an athlete, Liel had always been able to adapt easily to physical activities, but yoga challenged her in a very different way, and kept her coming back. She soon began reaping the holistic benefits of yoga, and now runs classes to share yoga with more and more people.

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