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Beginner Hatha Yoga with Nikki Levine

A 1-hour beginner hatha yoga class with smooth flow of simple postures. Great for beginners, or anyone with old injuries. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Beginner Hatha Yoga

This video is a full 1-hour beginner hatha yoga class. Instructor Nikki Levine first leads us through breathing exercises that help us gather the energy of our body and mind, and release thoughts that do not serve us. The rest of the class teaches a smooth flow of simple postures. With clear and thoughtful instructions, this video is suitable for beginners, or anyone with stiffness or old injuries.

About Nikki Levine

Originally from the East Coast, Nikki Levine moved to Hollywood, CA to pursue her dream in movie production. Yoga and meditation practices have played a major role in helping her through her stressful career in film. Apart from founding Breathe N Balance, Nikki is also Head of Video Production in the Give Back Yoga Foundation, where she hopes to produce quality videos that support community-building by giving the gift of yoga. Nikki also teaches many donation-based classes, such as this hatha yoga class at FreeYoga.TV.

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