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20 Minute Yoga Class with Hilaria Baldwin: Vinyasa Ashtanga

Celebrity yoga teacher, Hilaria Baldwin, takes us through an invigorating 20 minute vinyasa ashtanga yoga workout.

20 Minute Yoga Class with Hilaria Baldwin: Vinyasa Ashtanga

A great vinyasa ashtanga yoga based workout which takes us through some of the most basic Ashtanga yoga poses, explaining each one in detail so that we can get the best out of this short workout. The video also demonstrates modifications for each pose for those who aren't as advanced or for anyone who feels like they want to take it easy. All in all, a yoga workout sure to leave you feeling invigorated and flexible after just 20 minutes.

About Hilaria Baldwin

Instagram @hilariabaldwin Instagram @hilariabaldwin

Hilaria Baldwin is a bubbly little Latina yoga teacher who is perhaps better known to non-yogis as being the other half of Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin. She is fun and has managed to maintain her witty sense of humour amid criticism and trolls which seem to go hand in hand with fame and glory nowadays. The fact that she doesn't take herself too seriously (check out her whacky pictures on instagram) is making her fast become a favourite among yoga enthusiasts.

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