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Beginner Yoga for Stress Relief with Katrina Repman

A 30-min video on yoga for stress relief, with well-paced and easy-to-follow poses suitable for beginners. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Beginner Yoga for Stress Relief

This is a 30-minute video on beginner yoga for stress relief. Katrina Repman (along with her partner-in-crime Meera Hoffman!) gives clear and well-paced instruction, offering ample time for you to deepen into a pose and feel its effects. All the postures are easy to follow, so beginners and experienced yogis alike can simply let go and relax.

As psychiatrist Dr. Mark Silvert remarks, "Yoga is an excellent way to take time out from the rat race of city life and use it to de-stress and reduce anxiety levels, incorporating physical movement and mindfulness techniques all in one." Read on about yoga for stress relief in our article here.

About Katrina Repman

Katrina has a background in design, but her discovery of yoga has led her to redirect her career and dedicate time to teaching. She loves hatha yoga and acrobatic partner yoga, and infuses the two to create classes that promote mindfulness and self-compassion, as well as trust and play. Acrobatic partner yoga in particular has inspired her to reach new levels of mental and physical awareness, as it relies heavily on the pair to trust and communicate with each other. Katrina co-teaches with Meera Hoffman a lot - and classes with two teachers do give a very different sort of energy! So do head over to her website and check out more of their online videos.

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