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Gentle Yoga for Neck and Shoulders with Kris Moon

A 12-min video with Kris Moon introducing gentle yoga for neck and shoulders. Simple exercises with profound benefits. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Gentle Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

In this 12-minute video, yoga instructor Kris Moon guides us through a series of gentle yoga for neck and shoulders. The stretches are simple but their benefits are immediate and profound. Kris encourages us to take it slow and stay with the breath - consciously directing it to where we feel the resistance and tension in the muscles. Not only are these basic exercises perfect for anyone working at a computer all day, they are also a great way to practice mindful breathing.

About Kris Moon

Born to Korean birth parents and raised by Polish American adoptive parents, Kris grew up eating kimchi and sauerkraut. She dedicates her time to yoga and meditation, providing students from all backgrounds with simple tools to balance the demands of today's fast-paced life. Kris is heavily influenced by her travels from India, Tibet, to South Korea, learning Yoga and Ayurveda, Vipassana and Zen Meditation. She complements her lessons from Asia with other Western mindfulness and yoga therapeutics programmes, as well as trauma-sensitive yoga training. Kris's patient and soothing practices are a joy to follow - check out more of her videos on her YouTube channel.

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