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Yoga for Core Strength with Sarah Bolen

A 15-min video on yoga for core strength, accessible to yogis across various levels. Curated by Lots of Yoga with love.

Yoga for Core Strength

In this 15-minute video, Sarah Bolen guides us through a series of yoga for core strength. The poses are not complicated, so yogis across all levels will find the workout useful. But that is not to say they aren't rigorous! (Sarah reminds us to start off with a gentle warm-up first.) Building abdominal strength helps us develop other areas of our yoga practice, and the clear and energetic narration in this class makes the exercises helpful and accessible.

About Sarah Bolen

Sarah believes that yoga is more than just exercise - it has helped her de-stress and become more grounded and aware. It's a way of life that she adores and is committed to bringing to more people. A certified yoga teacher and an avid traveller, Sarah has filmed a Surviving Yoga video series for CoralTV and written a great article offering tips for yoga first-timers who may find the practice intimidating (didn't we all...).

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