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Baby Yoga: 23 things babies teach us about life through yoga

These babies can out-yoga us in a heartbeat. Here are 23 things we can learn from baby yoga.

1. Don't get distracted; keep your eye on the prize.

2. Don't force yourself; only go as far as you can go.

3. Don’t compare yourself to others; do your own thing.

4. Move on only when you feel you are ready.

5. If you need a time out, take it, wherever you may be.

6. Listen to your body's signals and eat whenever hungry.

7. Give others that little extra motivational push...

8. ... and helping hand.

9. Be spontaneous; go in for the kiss.

10. Learn to multitask as soon as possible.

11. Get in your daily recommended allowance of hugs per day.

12. See things from a different perspective once in a while.

13. Stressed? Stop, drop and yoga.

14. Baby Yoga 101: Make sure your props are durable.

15. Anything can be a prop, all you need is a little imagination...

16. ... And the furrier, the better.

17. Don’t skip sun salutations.

18. Find a teacher who inspires you and learn from them.

19. Yoga can be done anywhere...

20. ... Like, literally anywhere.

21. Meditation is important.

22. Don’t forget to look within whenever you can.

23. And, whatever you do, do it with a smile.

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