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Our Favourite Golden Yoga Girls Prove That Yoga is For Every Age

Is it even possible to say 'I am too old for yoga'? We found four amazing yogis who show us that yoga is for every age.

1. Pamela Campbell (53)


53 year old yogi, Pamela, is married and has 5 cats. "My transformation started about 6 years ago," says Pamela. "Yoga has changed my life, my body, and my lifestyle.


For all the people out there that are looking for a change in their lives, yoga is the way to go. Your body is capable of doing more than you think."


2. Kimberly Chickey (60)

KC yogi

Kimberly has been practicing yoga for 5 years and teaching for 3. Born and raised in Miami and currently living in Port Saint Lucie, she has been married for 15 years and has 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Kimberly will be turning 60 this year.

“I walked into my first yoga class at a gym,” Kimberly tells us, “and seem to enjoy teaching in this setting rather than a yoga studio setting. I have taught Gentle Yoga, Senior Yoga, Chair Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow but I mostly enjoy teaching Power Yoga Type classes and I am a stickler for proper alignment. I love arm balances and am still working on my Handstands."

kimberly chickey

Currently teaching 7 yoga classes a week, babysitting 2 of her grandchildren twice a week, Kimberly also kayaks, pole dances and loves to ride her motorcycle!

“My intent as a yoga instructor is to help guide my students through their own journey of emotional, physical and spiritual healing… inspiring others to embrace their potential, and to experience the joy that is discovered through living passionately!”


3. Susan Morrall (66)


"I started practicing Yoga in my 40's and have always been physically active," 66-year-old, Susan, tells us from he mountains of beautiful Prescott, Arizona two hours from Phoenix. Susan obtained the Power Pilates Certification at 55 and is also a Certified Group Fitness Instructor working for the YMCA in Prescott. When not teaching she's always the student with a passion for practicing Yoga.


"Age has not been a factor in my yoga practice," says Susan. "In fact, it's helped with aging, keeping my body strong and joints fluid, especially the hips. I love hip-openers such as Lizard and Pigeon poses and am empowered by the beauty of the Warrior series. I feel my body is stronger and more flexible than it was in my 20's! I know that does not sound realistic but some things improve with age and practicing Yoga has done that for me."

Susan also says that yoga has helped her come to terms with "self acceptance" in some areas, which has provided an inner peace. "It's a gift I don't think I could have appreciated when I was younger. I'm very interested in helping folks stay active no matter what their age or limitations and feel one can always progress."


4. Deanna Padilla (66)

deanna padilla

Deanna began teaching yoga about 10 years ago after retiring from professionally dancing flamenco. "My favorite style to teach is Vinyasa," she tells us. "This is the style that drew me to yoga, as it moves through the poses with the rhythmic flow of the breath. For me, movement with breath in a sequential flow is meditative, and comes naturally to me as a dancer."


Deanna currently teaches Vinyasa classes and a gentle evening candlelight class as well as corporate and private classes. She enjoys the spiritual aspect of yoga as much as the physical, and has recently started writing a blog on yoga and related subjects as a way of sharing her passion.


5. Candice Taylor McClung (90)

90-year-old yogi, Candace 90-year-old yogi, Candice

The lovely Candice is 90 years old and her yoga journey began 10 years ago when she turned 80 and moved to San Diego from Santa Barbara. Her yoga teacher, Deanna Padilla, tells us, "when I asked Candice why she started yoga, she said it was because bridge is too boring, and golf is too slow and gives her hay fever. She says she like yoga because it keeps her calm and out of mischief."

candice yogi 90 yrs old

Candice has worked in Community Theatre, playing such roles as Queen Elizabeth, and designing and making costumes. One of the things she likes about yoga, is that she doesn't have to learn lines. As you might have guessed, she has quite a sense of humor. She was a former ice skater with Holiday on Ice, traveling throughout South America, Europe and Russia.

90 year old yoga candice

See, it's never too late to start something you love no matter what people or stereotypes might say. Yoga is beneficial to everyone of any age or gender. Do what makes you happy (and send us pictures)!

Do you have any yoga people in your lives or are you someone who defies age and proves that yoga is for all everyone? We'd love to hear from you!

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