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Plus Size Yoga Pants: 9 Of The Best On The Web

A good pair of plus size yoga pants can be hard to find but Lots of Yoga have scouted the net and found 9 pairs for you to try.

Here at Lots of Yoga we believe that Yoga is for everyone. Unfortunately, not all high street retailers stock cute plus size yoga pants, and if they do, they tend to be super pricey. We scouted 9 of the coolest, most comfy plus size yoga pants that won't break the bank.

1) Plus Size Yoga Pants by iiniim

These yoga pants are a really simple and affordable pair by iiniim, that goes up to size XXXL, and is perfect for a yoga beginner.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga

From £6.36 at Amazon UK

From $7.46 at Amazon US

2) Plus Size Yoga Pants by Yours Clothing

If you're looking for something a little looser, Yours Clothing's yoga pants are the best choice for you. They're suitable for yoga, but you can also just wear them for movie night on the couch. Available up to Size 24.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga loose fit

Available from £15.00 at Amazon UK

Available from $24.00 at Amazon US

3) UV Sun Protective Shorts by Stingray Australia

If it's a bit hotter where you are or you simply prefer shorter yoga pants, Stingray Australia's shorts are the perfect option. Available in sizes XXL-XXXXXL, they're perfect for yoga as well as running, surfing and walking.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga shorts

From £19.99 at Amazon UK

From $33.90 at  Amazon US

4) Women's Plus-Size Slim-Fit Crop Pants by Spalding

These yoga pants are only available on Amazon US. Their material is extremely soft and comfortable, and they stay exactly where they should. Available up to size XXXL.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga spalding

From $18.29 at Amazon US

5) Women Plus Size Capri Length Leggings by Ulla Popken

These are more suitable for light exercise but at 95% cotton they're super lightweight. They're available up to Size 26 and pretty affordable.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga

From £14.00 at Amazon UK

From $14.95 at Amazon UK

6) Yoursclothing's Active Sports Plus Size Yoga Pants

Another one from Yours Clothing, this pair comes with toggle adjustable cuffs and goes up to size 20.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga

From £19.00 at Amazon UK

From $31.00 at Amazon US

7) Plus Size Thai Fisherman Yoga Trousers

If you want to get a bit more adventurous, go for these Fisherman style trousers! They're super comfy and make you feel like you're on an exotic holiday.

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga fisherman

From £8.99 at Amazon UK

From $44.00 at Amazon US

8) Plus Size Harem Pants

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga harem pants

These are a very pretty, airy and comfortable pair of harem yoga pants to make sure you're practising your favourite pass-time in style and they come in a variety of colours and patterns too.

From £9.99 at Amazon UK

From $19.99 at Amazon US

9) Coolibar Women's UPF 50 Plus Beach Capri

plus size yoga pants lots of yoga

This pair of yoga pants are a bit pricier than the rest but they are made from a highly-breathable sun-protective cotton blend with zinc oxide which makes them perfect for outdoor yoga. They have a drawstring closure, are available in sizes up to 2XL and also come in black and aqua.

From £49.95 at Amazon UK

From $69.50 at Amazon US

Now, go ahead and nama-slay that Downward Dog!

Featured image courtesy of the lovely @yogafromday1

Are there any plus-size yoga pants that you are really digging that we haven't mentioned? Let us know! We'd love to hear from you.

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