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Basic 10 Minute Yoga for Beginners Workout for Flexibility

A great beginner's yoga video from DualFIT's Steve Pfiester. He demonstrates a very basic yoga workout suitable for complete beginners.

Yoga Poses for Flexibility - Basic 10 Minute Yoga for Beginners Workout

This is a great beginner's yoga video from DualFIT expert trainer Steve Pfiester. Here he demonstrates a very basic yoga workout suitable for complete beginners, and we mean those who have never stepped on a yoga mat before. It's also a great starter video for men who are looking to get into yoga or ladies who are trying to prove to their men that yoga is not all about chanting and incense sticks. Steve also proves that even men with a lot of muscle mass, athletes and even body-builders, can also benefit from yoga.

About Steve Pfeister

Steve Pfeizer

Steve Pfiester is a bit of a fitness celebrity appearing on TV shows such as ABC’s Fat March and Bridal Bootcamp on VH1 to name a few. He's a Cross Fit Trainer with a BS in Physical Therapy. Steve has helped thousands of people the body of their dreams through his boot camp. He prides himself in being able to motivate his clients with truth, empower them with knowledge and entertain them with his fun sense of humor. Whether he is training one-on-one or teaching a kickboxing, boot camp or power yoga, his passion for fitness is simply contagious and he's not bad to look at either!

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