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Bikram Yoga Basics: Interview with Al Galang

This 9-minute video answers common questions about Bikram yoga, and offers a basic overview of the 26 postures involved. A great watch for beginners.

Bikram Yoga Basics: Your Questions Answered!

In this 9-minute video, yoga instructor Al Galang answers common questions about Bikram yoga, and offers a basic overview of the 26 postures involved. A class normally takes 90 minutes under a 104º fahrenheit environment. The heat increases your pulse rate and metabolism. It makes circulation to the limbs easier, allowing your body to move more freely. Sweating also helps get rid of body toxins. Interested?  Get some more insider tips from our article on the 11 things about Bikram yoga that we learned along the way!

About Al Galang

Aljarreau Galang is a yoga teacher in the Philippines. After studying at the University of California Los Angeles, he spent two years in the Bikram Yoga College of India, where he gained his certification as a Bikram yoga teacher. Since then he has travelled around to share his passion. In October 2006, he returned to the Philippines and founded Sundar Bikram Yoga Greenhills. His vision is to promote mental and physical wellbeing through a proactive and caring environment. Apart from being a dedicated yoga teacher, Al also works as a radio broadcaster, commercial model, and ambassador of yoga for Adidas Philippines.

Al Galang bikram yoga Yoga instructor Al Galang (yoga369)

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