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Beginner Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Yoga Shala

A 20-minute video featuring a beginner yoga vinyasa flow class in the beautiful Hawaii. Poses help to strengthen legs, core, and back.

Beginner Yoga Vinyasa Flow

This 20-minute video features a beginner yoga vinyasa flow class. The range of poses takes you through breath-synchronised movements, while helping to strengthen your legs, core, and back. Gentle narration and beautiful Hawaiian scenery - perfect for beginners or anyone looking to do some yoga for relaxation!

About Yoga Shala

Yoga Shala's videos are well-known for their simple presentation, gentle narration, and smooth pose transitions. The channel features full routines, as well as specific instructions on a wide variety of poses. Oh, and some of their videos are filmed on the breathtaking Hawaiian oceanside! Remember to check out the descriptions in their videos for information on the benefits of particular poses.

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