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Beginner Yoga Trikonasana with Kino MacGregor

A 4-minute video introducing the trikonasana pose. The pose strengthens and opens the body in many ways. Suitable for beginners and yogis at other levels.

Beginner Yoga Trikonasana Pose

Follow this 4-minute video to learn how to do a proper trikonasana pose (triangle pose). Yoga instructor Kino covers the necessary details to keep in mind when doing this deceivingly simple pose. The trikonasana is immensely helpful in strengthening the legs, knees, ankles, arms, and chest. It also stretches and opens the hips, groins, hamstrings, calves, and shoulders.... so it's basically good for the entire body! Practicing the trikonasana is an effective way to increase your mental and physical equilibrium.

About Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor is an international yoga teacher with over 15 years of Ashtanga yoga experience under her belt. She is an avid writer on yoga practices, co-founder of the Miami Life Center, and founder of the Miami Yoga Magazine. Her YouTube channel offers tons of helpful video classes and tips. Passionate about the environment and ethical consumerism, Kino believes that we would be a much more peaceful planet if everyone practiced yoga.

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