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Sometimes the most extraordinary stories start from an ordinary day.

Originally from Hong Kong, I never understood work-life balance nor explored any physical exercises for the first twenty years of my life. I was the chubby kid that pretended to have knee injuries so I could skip any physical education. But on one ordinary day, a friend of mine brought me along to a yoga class. The class was, typically, Hong Kong style. They crammed more than 50 students in one room, with minimal instructions or guidance for alignment. I developed many bad habits at that studio as well as soreness and sensitivity in my lower back because I did not know what I was meant to do during back-bending. Despite all of that, it was an extraordinary experience. I love the feeling of breathing through the movements. That when I am on my mat, I am on my own.

Po Ma

Fast forward to more than a decade later, I built my career by working across different media companies, from Yahoo! to MarieClaire, from Moody's Analytics to Wallpaper* magazine. Through business, I understand the importance of quality content and the demand for it is phenomenal. Through yoga, I savour moments of stillness and gratitude. When I decided to take the plunge and complete my own first 200-hour yoga teacher training in London in 2013, I realised there is a lot more that can be done for the practice and the community. And most importantly, I see that a lot of my peers struggle with defining where the business stops and the practice starts. I want to create a platform that helps teachers promote with substances and knowledge, not just images and instagram moves. Lotsofyoga.com is born.

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I am not a typical yogi. Many days I struggle to step on a mat, not to mention touching my toes. I have severe shoulder tightness and my hip is as stiff as a concrete block. But none of these really matter. The truth is many of us do not have a dancer's body, and many may have boobs too big for plough or hamstrings too tight for downward dog. But you know what, yoga is not a display of perfect aesthetics and body movement. It is your practice. And I hope lotsofyoga.com will help you find and explore your own space.

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