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Mike Davies Co-founder Mike Davies

Hi, I'm Mike, I build the platform that allows two passionate and qualified yoga teachers to share their passion with you. In a world of grey and stress, they bring colour and tranquility; they paint a wonderful mosaic where we can reflect, and breathe, and smile.

I am a web developer, I love the Web as an open community that brings out the best in us. I've worked for the big web enterprises: IBM, Yahoo, Amazon, and the small start-ups like Lovefilm. The Web has been my career for over 15 years.

Most of my life is spent at a desk, hunched over a laptop typing away. That leaves regular uncomfortable physical reminders over time. And in the modern world, finding a calm space to just think is getting harder. My patient and understanding friends at Lots of Yoga are helping me alleviate this damage, teaching me how to stretch my spine, and slowly improving the state of my lower back.

It is not in my nature to step inside a yoga class, but that does not stand in the way of starting to learn about yoga and how it can help me daily. Starting with breathing, learning about Ujjayi breath, to help focus my mind. Starting at the basics of the Sun Salutations, going from upward facing dog to downward dog. Slow deliberate repetition brings familiarity, which brings calm, and allows me to process my thoughts, and look inward.

Unfortunately, some Yoga teaching out there is delivered by imposingly beautiful women with perfectly sculpted bodies, going through their practice with the grace and style of an Olympic gymnast. It is hard to visualise this is something the rest of us can do, let alone an unfit, desk-bound, over-weight geek with short hamstrings.

Yoga isn't about gymnastic perfection, it's about breathing. It's about seeking tranquility and a calmer focused mind. It's about repairing our bodies from the inside out. It's about incremental improvements one day at a time. It's about listening to our bodies, learning and accepting our limits, and not about forcing ourselves into a tangle of knots. It's about dealing with stress, and being at peace with the world around us.

You are in good hands with my Lots of Yoga friends, they are practical, knowledgeable and passionate about how the rest of us can use Yoga for a healthier and calmer life. And I will do my best to solve the technical obstacles so that you, our welcome guest, can benefit from their experience and insight, and share in our passion together.

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