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Kat de Naoum Editor Kat de Naoum

I'm just a girl ("standing in front of a boy..." God, I love that movie...). I say 'girl' and not 'woman' although I'm over 30 and should be classified as a woman. The reason I say 'girl' is that I really do feel like one. I lounge around at home most of the day in sweats, play with and talk to my dogs and cats, check social media and surf the internet all day and call it 'research'. Granted, I then have to do actual 'work' which I usually start after midnight but doing something you love (writing) and writing about something you love (yoga) can hardly be called 'work'. That's how I see it anyway.

I also get to do lots of yoga (ha, ha, no pun intended) and speak to and hang out with amazing yogis from all around the world. I really am one happy (bad) yogi. (I say 'bad' because sometimes my dinner consists of 3 packets of crisps and a few chocolate bars and I have been known on occasion to cut my personal yoga practice down to 10 minutes so I can watch Downton Abbey. Plus, my language is questionable at times, but stepping in dog poop at 3 am, half asleep on the way to the loo can make one slightly lose their inner calm.)

Papi cant comprehend the notion that 'yoga time' is not 'Papi time'. Papi cant comprehend the notion that 'yoga time' (or any time for that matter) is not 'Papi time'.

I was born in Greece but grew up in London from a toddler till I was 20. I then moved back to Greece because: sea, sun and fun. Losing my way slightly for 7 years, I worked in a large international law firm spending most of my days (and very late nights) in the corporate world feeling like I wasn't doing anything worthwhile in this world, or even for me. One day in 2013, without giving it much thought, I hopped on a plane to London and joined a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, something that I had wanted to do for over a decade.

There I met and became friends with Po, founder of Lots of Yoga, and she shared her Lots of Yoga dream with me. I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say Chaturanga Dandasana. I quit my job, moved out of the crazy city and closer to nature, adopted a bunch of animals and here we are now.

Apart from Lots of Yoga, travelling, doing yoga, chasing cats and dogs around the yard and enjoying the Greek lifestyle, I write various bits here and there, as well as a weekly column for StyleLove called Convo. I am also (chronically) working on a novel.

"Let's make her as uncomfortable as possible so that she'll get down from that tree and give us a treat..." "Let's make her as uncomfortable as possible so that she'll get down from there and give us a treat..."

I love hearing from fellow yogis and readers so please do get in touch if you have anything to share or even just to say 'hi' on the links below or email me at kat@lotsofyoga.com.

Thank you for being here! :)

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