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Cindy Fung

Content Marketer, Lots of Yoga

Cindy Fung Cindy Fung

Originally from Hong Kong, I spent the past 6 years living and studying in Italy and the United States. While in the U.S., I worked in a small nonprofit that opened my world and introduced me to various phenomenal people in Haiti - from artists and gallery owners in Port-au-Prince, to teachers and women in a village in the country's Northwestern region. Experiences in these 3 countries made me realise my passion in arts and heritage.

This passion recently brought me to London. When I'm not studying about cultural heritage, however, I can be found playing badminton or reading about food politics. With just the right amount of tech-savviness that comes with being a twentysomething, I am also intrigued by how social and digital media, when used meaningfully, can amplify small voices that deserve to be heard.

Cindy Fung Cindy Fung at a Haitian art exhibit

At Lots of Yoga, I help with social media and content development, often spending an embarrassing amount of time picking filters to match my amateur photos with sagely quotes. Having only had limited experience with yoga myself, I am excited to learn more about its transformative philosophies in the process.

Enjoy all that Lots of Yoga has to offer, and know that everything here is curated with love and thoughtfulness!

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