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Lots of Yoga's 5 Things Friday - (2015 Week 36)

This week, Lots of Yoga was curious about the secret of happiness, how good it is to be a bad yogi and those yoga poses that make you go hmm...

From bad yogis to yoga poses that aren't actually real yoga poses, this week, Lots of Yoga is going unconventional.

1. Instagram of the week: @ErinMotz

Erin Motz is a self-proclaimed "bad yogi". She even has started her own yoga company with the same name. Her Instagram feed is filled with more realistic pictures and empowering advice making us feel better when we're beating ourselves up for being "bad".

2. Kindness of the Week: Moving company helps women move out of abusive households for free

When Aaron and Evan Steed started their moving business in college to make some extra cash, they had no idea how important they would be to the lives of many. Helping women move out of abusive homes was more than a one time event for them so they decided to team up with a local woman's shelter to help victims of domestic violence (male or female) start new lives.

"These moves became very personal to us, made all the employees so proud, and became part of our mission statement.” - Aaron Steed, CEO of Meathead Movers

Well done, guys!

3. Article of the week: 10 "New" Yoga Poses

Kathryn Budig in Baby Grasshopper Pose via yogajournal.com Kathryn Budig in Baby Grasshopper Pose via yogajournal.com

We had a feeling that Wild Thing was not really an actual ancient yoga pose but we still like to do it anyway! Here are 10 "new-age" yoga poses which are fun to do and look really cool (we can just bypass the fact that they are not actually in Dharma Mittra's Ultimate Yoga Chart)!

4. Destination of the week: Nowhere!

With today's smartphone with all the information at your finger tips, none of us are actually slowing down but seem to be getting busier every single day. Matthieu Ricard, an ex biochemist who packed it all in to spend time finding out about mindfulness and happiness in the Himalayas and Pico Iyer, a travel writer who discovered that slowing things down is the way to go, give us their insights to the secret of happiness.

"If we don’t deal with the inner condition for well-being, then we are really in trouble. And so that’s what inner stillness is — not that cliche about meditation, that you blank your mind and relax. Stillness is to avoid the chaotic aspect of the mind, and then you can deal with thoughts and emotions, or sometimes you just sit or rest in that pure awareness. That’s a place of immense peace." - Matthieu Ricard

5. Quote of the week: Change what you can, accept what you can't

Lots of yoga quote 6 "Yoga teaches us to cure what need not to be endured and endure what cannot be cured." - B. K. Iyengar

How many of us have fought a losing battle by either trying to change something or someone with no luck, or putting up with something or someone we'd much rather do without? As Matthieu Ricard quotes above, we need to first deal with the inner condition for well-being. Yoga can gives us the strength from inside to be able to either change something, or learn to accept it.

Lots of love

Lots of Yoga x

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