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Lots of Yoga's 5 Things Friday - (2015 Week 35)

Need your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation? We've hand-picked 5 yogic picker-uppers that will lift your spirit in no time.

September is perhaps the busiest month of all, with everyone going back to school, back to gym, back to reality! In all this mayhem, we are trying to remember that we should make time to be kind, and not be materialistic.

1. Instagram of the week: @inked_mermaidx3

How cute is Brit, a.k.a. Inked_Mermaidx3? Chicago based Brit is a happy little yogi whose contagious smile gets us going when her photos come up on our timeline. It's all about real yogis!

2. Random Act of Kindness of the Week: 20p was all it took

Can you imagine being this man, who gave a measly 20p to a stranger in a parking lot, probably never giving it a second thought, only to realize that his small seemingly meaningless random act of kindness had such an immense impact on someone's life? Feeling like a million bucks for only 20p? Sounds like a right bargain to us.

3. Video of the week: Never Give Up; Arthur's Story

It's an oldie but goodie. Arthur, a retired veteran, was told he would never walk again unassisted but with the help of DDP Yoga, not only did he lose an incredible amount of weight, he now walks and even sprints without any hint of difficulty. An inspiration to anyone who ever feels like giving up.

4. Article of the week: 8 reasons why we shouldn't be materialistic

In today's ever materialistic world, this list of 8 reasons why we shouldn't be materialistic reminds us what is truly important in life.

  1. Materials don't last forever.
  2. Materials don't define passion.
  3. Materials have little perspective.
  4. Materials can't teach you.
  5. Materials can't express gratitude.
  6. Materials are nothing to brag about.
  7. Materials don't challenge you.
  8. Materials hold no value in the end.

5. Quote of the week: Follow that bliss!

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, there is no denying that if you want something bad enough and you work towards it, you will more than likely achieve it. Life has a way of breaking down any walls which may have been in the way when we go full steam ahead in search of our personal bliss. If you go where your heart takes you, you can't go wrong.

Go chase that bliss.

Lots of love

Lots of Yoga x

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