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Lots of Yoga's 5 Things Friday - (2015 Week 34)

A collection of our best finds this week including proof that yoga boosts your immune system and how to use a yoga bolster to modify your Chaturanga.

It's the weekend, y'all. This makes us very happy. As does knowing that by doing our favourite pastime, yoga (what else), we not only get a great outer body and a calm mind, we also get a boosted immune system. We won't say no to one of those.

1. Instagram of the week: @jen_namaste

We really enjoy Jenna Luckow's real and down to earth Instagram pictures. This cute yoga teacher from Tucson, Arizona is pretty adorable, as is her dog, Lucile, who features in many of her posts. Keep 'em coming, Jenna.

2. Website of the Week: Fitness DNA: Learn to love your body

Yoga mamas, Dana and Alice, have been friends for years. They have collaborated together to create Fitness DNA, a website aimed not only for other yoga mamas but for busy women in general, with tips on fitness (including yoga of course), nutrition (yummy recipes), life and style.

3. Video of the week: Need help with your Chaturanga?

Ever think of using a yoga bolster as an aid for your Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Staff Pose)? Iyengar teacher, James Murphy, shows us a way to modify Chaturanga which we had never thought of before, and we love it! Thanks, James!

4. Article of the week: The best reason to finally start yoga

Did you know... that yoga has loads of benefits? Well of course you did. But did you know that it has now been clinically proven via a study which found that "12 weeks of yoga amped up the body's natural defense system against toxins. Yoga raised the level of natural antioxidants in the body and strengthened the immune system". If an amped up immune system isn't on your wish list, then put it on there, pronto.

"Yoga, unlike the other types of exercise, led to lower levels of nitric oxide, a chemical that, in excess, acts as a harmful free radical in the body. Yoga was also uniquely linked tolower signs of harmful oxidative stress in the body, including lower levels of the byproducts malondialdehyde and F2-isoprostane and the stress hormone adrenaline."

5. Quote of the week: Believe...


We meet people through all walks of life. Variety is a great thing. Some believe in God, some in the big bang, some in lots of different Gods and some in the universe. This may make us think that we are totally different, but actually, this makes us more alike than you would think. Why? Because we all believe in something. And believing in something is the thing that connects us all. Have a lovely, lovely weekend. Lots of love Lots of Yoga x

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